Angled Tip Cutter

120mm TM-10 SpringBOX JOINT

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  • Edge on the tip of slender head is suitable for fine works.
  • For cutting the smallest target like etching parts.
  • 45° angled head is ideal for cutting protruding lead wires on printed circuit board.

Features of Trinity series products

Box joint

Long-life stability, none-backlash.

Leaf springs

Long-life and high durability. Adjustable resilience.

Comfortable elastomeric double molded resin grips

Using eco-friendly elastomer resin which does not emit dioxin when it is burned. Original designed grip realized ideal weight balance and work efficiency improvement.

  • Material | Alloy steel
  • Heat Treatment | Induction hardening on edge
  • Hardness | 54~62
  • Spring | Leaf springs
  • Handle cover | Elastomeric double molded resin grips
Overall lengthHead widthHead thicknessHandle widthNose lengthEdge lengthHead angle
Cutting capacity
CopperStranded copper wire [mm²]Plastic

Note: Do not use to cut harder wire or anything above it rated the capacity.