Power "Pick and Cut" Multi Pliers

150mm PW-212DG Spring

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  • Rounded serration prevents damaging target surface.
  • Holding target tightly at 3 points of tip. One side of nose tip is v-shaped processed.
  • Two edges loaded. Tip side edge is comfortable for cutting wire inside a machine.
  • Wire stripping hole on the fulcrum side edge.
  • Comfortable elastomeric double molded resin grips.

  • Material | Alloy steel
  • Heat Treatment | Induction hardening on edge
  • Edge hardness [HRC] | 56~62
  • Spring | Coil spring
  • Handle cover | Elastomeric double molded resin grips
Overall lengthHead widthHead thicknessHandle widthNose lengthEdge lengthStripping hole
PW-212DG156171056435 and 8φ1.5120110418
Cutting capacity
StainlessSoft ironCopperStranded copper wire [mm²]
PW-212DGTip side blade--0.50.75
fulcrum side blade1.

Note: Do not use to cut harder wire or anything above it rated the capacity.