Water Pump PLA-iers (Replaceable Resin Jaw Pliers) w/ Spring

250mm WP-250SC-S Springnew!

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  • 8 positions water pump pliers
  • Replaceable plastic pads prevent scratching on work pieces.
  • The pair of asymmetric pads hold targets tightly with 3 points.
  • Wire cutter
  • No screws required to replace pads.
  • Made in Thailand
  • Material(Body) | Alloy steel
  • Material(Pads) | POM resin
  • Spring | Built in spring
  • Handle cover | PVC dipping
  • Surface | Blackening treatment
Overall lengthHead widthHead thicknessHandle width
AdjustmentsHoldable range - Esternal diameter(mm)Cutting capacity - Soft iron(φmm)Spare jaws
WP-250SC-S8 positions7~502.6SC-WP-250

Note: Do not use to cut harder wire or anything above it rated the capacity.